Classic architectural style

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Classic style villa

The main advantages of the classic architectural style


Elegance with an eye for detail

This architectural style is perfect for people who want to build an elegant home. It is based on the rich past of houses from the 18thand 19thcentury. This ensures a focus on elegance and rich detailing. An attractive, warm and cozy atmosphere is also present.

The architecture of the classical building style is elegant with an eye for detail. The houses are spacious and light. Particular emphasis is placed on the central entrance. This is the heart of the home because it is the space that connects all the other spaces.

Many self-chosen details to express yourself ensure the classic look of the house. The emphasis on symmetry and the use of traditional features also contribute to achieve this look. In addition to the appearance of the house, functionality is also important. The classic architectural style uses building traditions that have proven themselves by staying present in the construction scene for decades.

If you like masonry, the classic architectural style is certainly an option. A lot of masonry is used in the facade of the building. A lot of detail in this facade is possible. All details must be well communicated and they must also be feasible. So call on a professional architect to assist you in this process.

The symmetry of the house ensures that the classic architectural style is still one of the most popular. Facades and floor plans are extremely symmetrical in this architectural style. This is further emphasized by ornate details that the owner of the home chooses. Think of beautiful roof moldings, a special gutter finish, a rich emphasis on the entrance hall and fervent use of ornaments. It is somewhat based on mansions and country houses. The typical materials are bricks, painted wood and concrete. This combination turns your home into a cosy, warm home.

Classic home interiors once again emphasize the cozy aspect of the classic style.



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