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Building a new house

You can come to us for turnkey total projects. With turnkey building, the house is completely finished and ready to live in.

Building a house or villa

Building a house (or any other building) in Belgium is difficult if you don’t know where to start. Many people also don’t have the time to figure everything out on their own. Building a villa, for example, is very different from building a house. That is why it is important to get professional help.

We are happy to help you through the entire building process. This ranges from following up on your requirements to helping you with questions about costs, legislation, building land, architects… This way you can be sure you’re not overlooking anything. When we deliver the building, it is important to us that everything is in order so you can enjoy the finished construction project without any worries.

You will also find a clear version of our step-by-step plan. It is intended to give you an idea of how we approach the project. In reality it is more complex, which is why we focus on good professional communication so that everything is transparent and clear to you.

Build a villa or house
House building plan
Ecologically responsible

Circular construction, sustainable and ecological

Circular construction starts with systems thinking. The aim of circular construction is to close as many cycles as possible on the basis of collaboration, transparency and innovation. About 30-40% of waste in Belgium comes from the construction sector.

It is important to us to get these percentages as low as possible. We achieve this by making circular construction our standard. This will reduce Belgium’s CO2 footprint enormously.


We always build circularly by using the SOLIDWOOD wood building system. This is an ingenious system in which ecology as well as efficiency and comfort are central. Using SOLIDWOOD, we always build circularly without slowing down the construction process or lowering quality.

In fact, both the efficiency and the quality of the building process are higher than with traditional building. Little reason to build in a polluting way!

Would you like more information about circular construction?

Building with wood

Building a wooden house

As mentioned above, we always build with our SOLIDWOOD building system. The OSB4 boards that form the basis of this wood building system consist of compressed wood. These are then given a special finish, which makes them extremely sturdy and fireproof.

Many people think that wood quickly catches fire and thus quickly turns your home into a fire inferno when a fire breaks out. This is not right. The protective layer of the OSB4 plates actually slows down the fire. When the compressed wood under the layer catches fire, it quickly transforms into charcoal. This also slows down the fire.

In short, building a wooden house is safe if your contractor has sufficient knowledge and experience in the trade. Our houses are completely custom finished, giving you endless possibilities to determine the look of your new home.

Why sustainable construction?

Just like circular construction, sustainable construction is a relatively new concept with a lot of potential to limit Belgium’s CO2 emissions. When building a house, it is important to work with renewable materials such as wood. Our wood comes directly from European PEFC forests.

For every tree we cut down to make wood slabs, we plant 2 instead. In this way we prevent forests from disappearing and, in fact, we ensure that the surface of forests in Europe increases.

Sustainability starts with production in the construction process. After this, it is up to us to give you tips on how to save energy with the correct insulation, etc. Sustainability is one of our points of attention when building a house. Do not hesitate to ask for professional advice if you want to know more.

Sustainable house building channel
I want to build

House building step-by-step plan

First, we like to get acquainted and go over your building wishes. You can contact us for guidance from start to finish. We can help you find the right architect for your needs and wishes.

If you don’t have an architect yet, we’ll suggest one of our partners to create the plan. Already found an architect? Then skip this step.

The architect submits the building application. We will then sign the contract.

Our experienced team starts building. We ensure a fast and sustainable construction process that takes all of your wishes into account.

When the building is completely finished, we deliver the keys and documents. It is very important to us that everything is in order after delivery. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Clear and transparent

Full guidance throughout the building process

You can contact Leo Struyf & Co bv for total support. We take all your worries off your hands to make the process as pleasant as possible. The earlier you contact us, the better we can guide you and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

For example, we can help you make the right choice in terms of architect, because here too there are differences. There are some that are better suited to a lower budget and others that are more experienced in building in the pastor style, for example.

Contact us to discuss all possibilities. We look forward to a pleasant, transparent cooperation!

Do you have questions for us?

Get in touch if you have any questions or a project for us. Our motivated team will help you as quickly and effectively as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a house depends on the architectural style, amount of luxury and the surface of course. If you want to cut the cost of a new home, look at turnkey homes.

Building a house from scratch sounds like an expensive affair to many people compared to buying an equivalent house. Practice shows us that this is often the other way around and the difference in cost price can be enormous.

If you want to keep the cost price of a new-build home as low as possible, we recommend having a standard turnkey plan built. You immediately know what it will cost and you also enjoy economies of scale.

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