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The main advantages of the modern architectural style

Modern style

Clean lines and simple surfaces

The modern architectural styles provide a renewed feeling. This is due to the use of other materials and dynamic surfaces, the typical sobriety and a nice variation in design. The best-known features remain the clean lines and simple surfaces. Due to the variation in depth and size, the architects create a unique feeling.

The facade is often one large surface, interrupted by a few windows, doors, masonry or facade plaster. The roof is often just flat, but sometimes takes on an experimental shape. The material used in the modern architectural style is also often experimental. Think of wooden facades and joinery made of plastic.

Large windows are often present in the modern architectural style. By combining this with skylights, daylight is used to illuminate the house. An architect who makes a good orientation of the house and the building plot is therefore extremely important. To compensate for the lack of light, industrial design lamps and linear lighting provide a modern accent at night.

You get a coherent whole at the front due to the little or closely integrated windows and doors. The facade plaster or the glued masonry provides a pleasant accent. If the house contains little glass along the front, large windows will be placed at the rear. This ensures the typical use of a lot of light. The additional popularity of emphasizing the garden has led to this. The glass ensures that the inside and outside of your house are one big whole.

The modern architectural style also comes to life in the house itself. Cast floors, for example, are becoming increasingly popular as floor coverings. These are the floors that you used to see mainly in industry. Now they are also conquering the housing market. This is because they are easy to maintain. An additional advantage: you do not have to polish grouts. In addition to this plus, it also emphasizes the sleek design of the modern building style.

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