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10 Advantages of a wooden construction

10 Advantages of a wooden construction: wood as a building material has many advantages. For example, it is very versatile in terms of design, but also light and durable. Discover 10 advantages of building with wood in this blog article!

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Solidwood and efficiency

Have you read our previous blog posts? Two pillars of SOLIDWOOD were already discussed there: sustainability and innovation. Last but not least, we will discover why SOLIDWOOD is also an efficient building system.

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Solidwood and innovation

About 30 to 40% of our waste comes from the building sector. So, the way we build and live has a big impact on our carbon footprint. That is why a drastic change to circular construction makes a big difference. And for SOLIDWOOD, circular building is not an empty term.

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Solidwood and sustainability

A few weeks ago we introduced a new industry within Leo Struyf & Co: SOLIDWOOD. In the upcoming blog posts we will discuss the three main pillars within SOLIDWOOD: sustainability, innovation and efficiency. Stay tuned!

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