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Presbytery / rectory architectural style villa

The main advantages of the rectory architectural style

Rectory style

Warm, cozy look

The rectory style is based on the old homes of pastors. It has a warm, classic look that is very rural. These features characterize rural homes: they are tall buildings with a large front door finished in stone, emphasizing the facade and the use of awnings, skylights (typical rectory style windows) and a gabled roof.

They are very spacious houses that are inspired by the old Belgian rectories. Traditionally, they have two stories under a gable roof, a grand entrance and several bays (part of a facade that is seen as a unit in the facade division and is repeated several times). The facades are emphasized with a stone type of your choosing.

A nice proof of the rural appearance of the rectory architectural style: in 1969 the rectory house of Schriek was demolished and moved to the Bokrijk domain. This is because it was regarded as an authentic part of old Kempen villages.

Rectory-style houses are extremely popular in Flanders. Many of these old rectories become vacant and are sold to be used as residences, restaurants… But there are also many people who want to build their homes in this style in order to combine this architectural style with their other wishes.

The warm, cozy appearance is not only present in the exterior. The rectory-style interior is often made very cozy by using natural materials such as stone and wood. The use of many open spaces also contributes to this warm atmosphere. Guests often feel right at home when they enter a rectory home.

Rural homes are becoming increasingly popular in cities. Many people miss the cosiness of these homes when they go to live in a city. With this architectural style, you can enjoy the warm atmosphere in the middle of a busy city.

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