Solidwood and efficiency

Have you read our previous blog posts? Two pillars of SOLIDWOOD were already discussed there: sustainability and innovation. Last but not least, we will discover why SOLIDWOOD is also an efficient building system.

We’re going to BIM!

The building process has been unchanged for years. Instead of focusing on individual interests, we must move towards collective profit sharing.

The BIM (Building Information Model) is seen as a new way to design and manage projects by anticipating problems often encountered during execution. A better exchange of information between the various parties is the focus here. Drawing in 3D gives a project a real shape. The 3D prototype is an ideal guideline for realizing the physical construction project.

No question marks, no surprises and faster delivery. We work proactively with an eye on the end result so that the construction project can be completed within 4 months.


The SOLIDWOOD walls are completely prefabricated by our partner in Germany. All necessary facilities (electricity, ventilation, etc) have been discussed in advance and the ducts are already provided in the walls during manufacture. The exterior joinery (windows, doors) and the SOLIDWOOD panels are ordered simultaneously. They are delivered shortly after the kit. This makes it possible to have the entire shell rainproof and windproof within a few weeks!

No drying times

Not a drop of water is used during assembly, which means that it is not necessary to let it “dry out”. Further finishing (painting, spray putty, wallpaper, plaster, etc.) can be done directly on the panels and can therefore be done immediately after construction.

For each his own

The SOLIDWOOD concept can be used in various building styles, from sleek modern to classic. This way, there is more flexibility in the finish, which is tailored to the customer. In addition, you gain a lot of space thanks to the slim walls of SOLIDWOOD.

Want to know more?

Surf to www.solidwood.be or contact us for an appointment!

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