Solidwood and sustainability

A few weeks ago we introduced a new industry within Leo Struyf & Co: SOLIDWOOD. This unique timber construction system puts emphasis on ecology and has a long-term vision. In the upcoming blog posts we will discuss the three main pillars within SOLIDWOOD: sustainability, innovation and efficiency. Stay tuned!

The first important pillar of SOLIDWOOD is sustainability. This compact and ingenious building system uses monolithic solid walls in wood composite to build ecological and comfortable homes.

Huh? Monolithic walls?

A monolithic construction consists of different parts, but together they form a whole.

Ecologically responsible basic material is always used. We use renewable raw materials, including the natural and recyclable material: wood.

SOLIDWOOD is produced exclusively from wood from PEFC/FSC certified forests. These are European forests with strict forest management and a guarantee of constant new growth. As a result, no less than 2 to 3 times less energy is used during the production of wood compared to traditional structural materials.

The motivation behind SOLIDWOOD?

Being a step ahead of increasingly strict building standards and energy legislation. From 2021 onwards, building according to the BEN principles will become the standard for new construction. The focus is on minimal (green) energy consumption for heating and ventilation, cooling, hot water and the production of all building materials used.

In addition to energy efficiency and an environmentally responsible material and production system, SOLIDWOOD puts health first. This way we contribute to a lower ecological footprint with healthy living comfort and well-being.

In short: SOLIDWOOD ensures a healthy indoor climate, prefers a long-term vision and contributes to a climate-neutral construction project.

Want to know more?

Surf to www.solidwood.be or contact us for an appointment!

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