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Timber construction


Advantages of the SOLIDWOOD timber construction system

Timber construction

Types of timber construction

Skeleton construction

The most well-known timber construction structure is timber frame construction. It is characterized by the vertical styles and horizontal lines. Several beams form frames that reinforce the construction.

Another variant is the post-beam system, which is mainly used in industrial buildings and other large projects. It is a kind of skeleton construction because this method also uses a wooden frame. The vertical posts and horizontal bars are larger frames. All elements are thicker to withstand greater loads.

Solid wood construction

With Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), solid sheets of different layers of wood form the walls and floors of the building. These are glued crosswise. This provides extra strength without increasing the weight of the construction. This makes solid timber construction suitable for large buildings with several floors and for family homes.

Wood stack construction is a construction system that is mainly used in the recreational sector. Usually vertically stacked wooden beams are used with a tongue-groove system. Horizontal systems also exist, but are less common.

Durable and strong

Advantages of timber construction

  • Ecologically responsible: wood is a naturally ecological material if it comes from forests that are sustainably managed (such as the European EPFC forests). Furthermore, wood does not have to sweat out an enormous amount of moisture, so that less water is lost (thousands of liters).
  • Timber construction generates less waste than traditional building methods. This ties in nicely with the ecological aspect.
  • Wood insulates better than brick and concrete. The porous structure of the wood retains air and air insulates.
  • Fast construction: a building can be watertight and windproof within 3 months.
  • Wood is very light, which saves on foundations.
  • Ideally suited for extensions, extra floors and renovations.
  • Good protection against disasters such as earthquakes and fire. In the latter case, the material retains the ability to support the floors above it for a relatively long time.
Points of attention

What should you pay attention to when building timber?

  • Thermal inertia: heavy materials store heat or cold. For example, the mass of the wood used is limited in timber frame construction. This limits your ‘buffer’ against more extreme temperatures. This is not the case with SOLIDWOOD because the walls made of wood composite have a relatively large mass.
  • Acoustic insulation: keep in mind when designing the house that the acoustic insulation of wood is limited. Or build with SOLIDWOOD. The special wood composite walls are also a solution here.
  • Little room for adjustments: once the design has been approved, little can change last-minute. This is because the parts of a wooden house are usually already prepared at the factory. So be sure to check a few times whether the construction plan is error-free before passing it on to your contractor.
What does Leo Struyf & Co bv do?

Leo Struyf & Co bv turns your construction project into a smooth and successful realization. In doing so, some important values are central for them.


They monitor the site and coordinate daily. Thus, they pursue quality as a licensed contractor with years of experience.

Craftsmanship & Know-how

Their team consists of skilled, driven individuals. Thus, they ensure the quality and sustainability of every construction project.


Specific architectural styles and standard dimensions hinder creativity. They always build in-house and traditionally to give each construction project a unique look.


Hugely important to them is the sustainability of the construction process and the materials used. With their new building system SOLIDWOOD, they strive for a sustainable and stable future for your construction project.

Clear and transparent

Full guidance throughout the building process

You can contact Leo Struyf & Co bv for total support. They will take all your worries out of your hands to make the process as pleasant as possible. The earlier you contact them, the better they can guide you and make sure everything goes smoothly.

For example, they can help make the right choice in terms of architect, because there are differences in this too. For example, there are those that are better suited for a lower budget and others that, for example, have more experience with building in the presbytery style.

Contact us to discuss all possibilities. They look forward to a pleasant, transparent collaboration!

Timber construction

Frequently Asked Questions

In timber construction, all load-bearing elements of a building construction are built from wood. There are 2 techniques that are used much more often than the others: timber frame construction and wood solid construction. These both have their advantages such as good thermal insulation, their ecologically responsible raw material (wood)…

Solid wood construction involves building with solid wood beams. This is anchored to the foundation, without mortar or bricks. The solid wooden beams provide extra strength. This construction method has come over from the Scandinavian countries and is also on the rise in Belgium.

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